User Training

Often the best solution to a technical problem is user training

We have developed courses on everything from Phishing Awareness and Cybersecurity, to Digital Marketing and Web Design and even Advanced Microsoft Office Training and Graphic Design without Photoshop.

Our courses are aimed at all people, regardless of current level of computer literacy and are delivered onsite at your business in a group setting.

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Offer: Phishing Awareness and Cybersecurity 1 hour group course for $99 ex GST

Did you know that cyber attacks cost Australian businesses $1 Billion a year? 

It is crucial that your business is as prepared as possible to protect itself against cyber threats to prevent downtime, data loss and security events that could potentially destroy your business.

This course is designed for every computer user and covers the cyberthreats that they should be aware of, how to protect themselves and your business from these threats.

Learn how to see if you have already been hacked. What accounts are compromised and what you can do about it.

Make sure that all of your team know the best practices they should follow to prevent being the victim of cybercrime. 

In addition we also provide plenty of free tips, tricks and tutorials right here on our website.