How far would you go to catch a scammer?

How far would you go to catch a scammer?

Everyone has received a scam call at some point. While some scams can be convincing, and others down right terrifying, in most cases the calls are so obviously scams that you have to wonder how they ever thought it could work.

But people do fall for scams – in 2021 alone, Australians have lost over $63 million to scams of one kind or another, with phone based scams increasing each year.

So if you get a scam call, what do you do?

1. Just hang up? Most people would.

2. Troll the scammer? It can be a but of fun.

3. Go to insane lengths to discover the scammers identity, then fly to India to confront them? uh…

Reply All is a great podcast with a stellar double episode in which exactly that happens. Check it out.

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