Private Cloud

Private cloud is a term used for infrastructure provided as a service only to specific customers, and accessed via private network rather than over the internet.

Riverina Digital provides a variety of private cloud services to business clients. All of our servers are located within Australia, and our customers retain ownership of their data.

Take back control.

Our private cloud offerings:

Introducing Nextcloud

The scalable private cloud file server for access anywhere

  • Secure file server
  • Private cloud hosted file server
  • Access limited by group membership
  • Full Windows Integration
  • Automatic mapping of network drives
  • Match email addresses with phone numbers.
  • Web and mobile integrated
  • Access from anywhere using the web interface or mobile app.
  • Sync offline copies for access without internet.
  • Backup and version control
  • Full file history including access and change auditing
  • Revert to previous versions or compare previous versions of any document
  • Automatically backed up and protected from data loss.

Introducing OnlyOffice

A web based, multi-user collaborative office suite that integrates directly into Nextcloud.

  • Integrated with Nextcloud
  • Edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files directly from the browser
  • Concurrently work on a document with your team.
  • Share and collaborate
  • Share files inside and outside of your organisation.
  • Share files using a link, no more emailing large files.
  • Backup all devices
  • Desktop, Documents and Photos of every business device is backed up and stored on the file server.
  • Integrate with apps
  • Diagramming, scheduling, business analysis and project management apps