Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

We believe IT Support should be proactive, fixed cost and focused on business continuity – and so that is exactly what we provide.

Fast, experienced and reliable IT Support

If we put it in, we guarantee it.
Unlimited support, no additional costs.

Riverina Digital focuses on your business’ needs and provides ongoing, fixed rate support for the tailored solutions we develop together.

Vendor Management

Even if we are not the vendor, we will call any vendor that effects your electronic business communications: For example, your Internet or SIP phone systems. You don’t need to call, we will.

24/7 Monitoring and Repair 

We often repair issues before you even know about them. If you are working on weekends and Holidays, so are we.

We are your Virtual CIO

A Chief Information Officer is someone who understands both business and technology, and can be a translator between the two. Most small businesses desperately need a CIO, but can’t afford to pay someone full time.

That’s where we step in.

Policies and Procedures

We create and implement internal Policies & Procedures that are specific to your business, the flow of data, and the particular needs of your users. We are your IT department, as if we had an office there.

Cybersecurity Platform

From Firewall to Antivirus to User Security Training to a secure, protected Backup System, where reliable data retrieval is routinely tested, we keep your system safe.

Dedicated onsite techs with a full support team

Our friendly, skilled team make regular onsite visits and get to know you, your team, and your business. Each tech is skilled and experienced, and is backed by our extended team, ensuring you always get the support you need, when you need it.

Project Management

We set the Policies and Procedures, and your Dedicated Team faithfully follows our own Project Management guidelines. You can expect that our service is done in a consistent, organised manner that you can count on.

How others do support

  • Reactive Service
  • Profits from customer failure
  • Unpredictable costs

How we do support

  • Proactive Managed Service
  • Profits from customer success
  • Fixed price managed budget

It just makes sense

The better job that we do managing your infrastructure today, the less work we will have to do tomorrow.

(This all means less downtime for you)


We believe transparency is very important, and so we give our customers real time access to the documentation we keep for them.
This includes access to processes, procedures, configurations and guides we create to make sure we deliver the best possible support experience.


Our ticketing system can be accessed directly via a web portal allowing you to see the status and history of tickets.
Getting support is easy, with techs available via phone, email, direct from the web-portal or instant chat.

Configuration Management

We maintain a complete configuration management database of all our client infrastructure, configurations, issues and resolutions.
Combined with our QR code labeling system, we can pull up the complete history of any device instantly, resulting in better, faster and complete support.

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