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Business Systemisation &  Automation

Are you spending too much time managing your staff, fixing errors and just keeping everything running?Are you spending too much time managing your staff, fixing errors and just keeping everything running?

Every business can be defined as a series of systems – and those systems can be automated.

We help identify and refine your business systems and then use technology to automate, define and QA tasks – boosting staff productivity and work satisfaction, while ensuring top product quality and maximising output.

Let automation do the work for you so you can focus on growth and customer satisfaction.

“The system isn’t something you bring to the business. It’s something you derive from the process of building the business.”

― Michael E. Gerber

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Unlimited support, limited budget

We believe IT support should be proactive, fixed cost and focused on business continuity – and so that is exactly what we provide.

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Web Design and Digital Marketing

Look your best online

We design and host websites that suit the needs of your business. Whether you just want people to know where to find you, or you plan to move the bulk of your sales online, we can help you.

Don’t get lost in the crowd

Having a great website is not much use if people can’t find it. We can help make sure you turn up on Google for all relevant searches.

Expand your physical presence with digital signage

Take your design offline and share it with the public using eye-catching digital signage. From store windows to waiting rooms to your local cafe, digital signage can help get your message heard in a lot of new places.

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Virtual CIO Service

A Chief Information Officer is someone who understands both business and technology, and can be a translator between the two. Most small businesses desperately need a CIO, but can’t afford to pay someone full time.

That’s where we step in

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The cloud still needs to work on the ground

Regional Australia is an amazing place to be, but it comes at the cost of sometimes slow and unreliable internet. We deploy a server appliance so that all of your devices stay connected to our private cloud services regardless of your internet connection.

A few more things we do


Riverina Digital focuses on your business’s needs and provides ongoing, fixed-rate support for the tailored solutions we develop together.



Riverina Digital provides hosted business email services complete with spam filtering, activesync, autodiscover and contacts and calendar integration, and at a sharper price then competing offerings.



Riverina Digital provides a variety of private cloud services to business clients. All of our servers are located within Australia, and our customers retain ownership of their data.



Sometimes the best solution is education. We deliver training sessions, documentation, and policies and procedures customised to your business’s needs.



We supply business IT hardware and software at very low prices. Whether you are in need of a complete hardware refresh, or just replacing a single PC, check out our online store.



Riverina Digital builds custom web apps that help define and automate your business processes.

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