Business Systemisation & Automation

Are you spending too much time managing your staff, fixing errors and just keeping everything running?

What business tasks take up all of your time? Your staffs time? Your accountants time?

Every business can be defined as a series of systems – and those systems can be automated.

Riverina Digital can help your business become a systemised and automated operation.

We help identify and refine your business systems and then use technology to automate, define and QA procedures – boosting staff productivity and work satisfaction, while ensuring top product quality and maximising output.

What is Systemisation?

Systemisation is the process of taking a businesses’ processes, procedures, methods and practices and defining those as systems that are documented as a clear series of steps.

Systems create time, reduce errors, improve quality and ensures reproducibility. Systems allow businesses to scale and have value as a saleable asset.

Consider the “Bus Factor”

What if you or any of your key team were hit by a bus?

It’s tragic sure (particularly for the person who gets hit by the bus), but think about how this impacts your business?

Does anyone else know enough about that person’s role in the business to be able to take over? The aim of systemisation is to make the business independent of any one person.

This is especially important for small businesses.

Too often we work with businesses which depend entirely on the owner to be present, on the ground every day – directing staff, answering questions and handling customers. There is no documented process, no known procedures, it is all in the owners head.

The business may be successful, but with the business owner present, the operation cannot continue.

With a systemised business you can take a holiday and while you do, the business can run itself.

Riverina Digital will create systems for you

If you are in a busy business without systems, you may find yourself in a loop where you don’t have the time available to “create the systems”.

We can help.

You and your team already have systems, it is what each of you do every day to get the work done.

We spend time on site with each key person in your team as they carry out their tasks. We watch, document and ask questions while also recording video and audio, their computer screens, software logs, mobile devices, paper forms, and note tools, vehicles, vendors and resources used for each task.

We go through everything we have recorded and define the individual systems and then document those systems as a series of simple, uncomplicated steps.

It doesn’t matter if you are a bookkeeper or a bricklayer, you have a system, and without someone carrying out that system part, or all of the business doesn’t work.

Once the systems are clearly defined, they can then be monitored and analysed – and then refined to improve business efficiency.

Business Automation

The process of systemisation leads naturally to automation.

Through technology we identify systems that can be automated.

Technology can also introduce quality assurance into systems – systemised processes can be governed by software and tasks are reproduced with the same level of quality every single time – regardless of which member of your team is completing the task.

We have our own software package for rapid deployment of systems and automation. Once a system has been defined, it can be created in software in a matter of minutes.

If you need to update a system in the future it is simple, easy and can be done in house.

Do you currently use various software packages that don’t talk to each other?

If you already use speciality software and are losing time and producing errors by manually reproducing data between the two platforms?

Our team of in-house developers are able programmatically link software together, as well as extend the capabilities of your software if required.

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