Terms of Trade

Riverina Digital Business Technologies ABN 27 646 194 872

Our terms of trade are set out below. They govern our business relationship with any party who wishes to trade with Riverina Digital. Failure to abide by these terms of trade will result in immediate cessation of the business relationship.

Quotes for goods and services

Riverina Digital will only honour written quotes.

Quotes expire 30 days from issue unless otherwise specified in the body of the quote.

Verbal discussions are indicative only and are not considered quotes.

Quotes for software development will only cover the scope and feature set defined in the quote. Any deviation from the defined scope may result in additional costs.

Unless stated otherwise, all prices are presented exclusive of Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Due to the nature of our field, and inherent complexity of networked systems, we are unable to predict the precise times required for problem identification and resolution.  Therefore, unless stated otherwise, any discussion, correspondence, reference or allowance for Professional Services to be conducted for a Client is presented is an estimate only, and is not a fixed price quotation.

All estimates are valid for seven days only from the time of writing unless noted otherwise.

Quotes for goods do not include the freight cost from our Suppliers to our office (unless freight cost is explicitly noted). Freight costs are on-charged to the Customer at cost.

Technical Support Services

Service level agreements (SLA) are made on a per customer basis and defined in writing for the duration of the support contract. All customers on a support agreement are granted priority support over customers requiring services on an ad hoc basis only.

Technical Support Services provided by Riverina Digital are not warrantied and at all times are best-effort only, unless stipulated in a written support contract.


Riverina Digital, through our network of national and international suppliers are able to sell hardwareat extremely competitive rates to our clients.

Riverina Digital do not include labour for setup, configuration and support of hardwarepurchased through Riverina Digital unless specified in writing at the time of purchase.

All hardwaresold includes a manufacturers warranty which will be honoured by the manufacturer.

All hardwaresales with Riverina Digital require prepayment before an order will be placed with our suppliers.

Estimated time to supply of hardware ordered is two weeks, however circumstances beyond the control of Riverina Digital may cause delays in delivery of items.

hardwarefound to be Dead On Arrival (DOA) will be replaced under manufacturers warranty. Riverina Digital will provided best effort support to help with the warranty claim.

Cancelation of hardware ordered may incur a 30% restocking fee.

Riverina Digital does not generally provide off the shelf hardware or software, as each system is generally custom designed and built.  In some cases, deposits may be required  to secure delivery of  equipment and services, and delivery times may vary depending on availability.  Once an order is placed, any changes  requested,  or cancellation, may attract restocking /cancellation fees, and charges for  freight  to restock items.

It is not a requirement that customers who use Riverina Digital for support and development services, also purchase hardware through Riverina Digital.

Development Services

Development services can be purchased in prepaid blocks. Alternative payment arrangements are by written agreement only.


Payment terms

Contracted support services will be illed in advance.

Ad Hoc Technical support will be billed in arrears.

Payment for technical support services is 14 days, unless otherwise defined by customer services contract or negotiation.

Our standard labour rate for works outside a service agreement is $200 ex GST per hour, unless stipulated by support contract or other written agreement.

Payment Methods

Our prefered payment method is via direct bank transfer, however we also accept credit card and direct debit as payment methods.

Details for payment methods are included with each invoice.

Overdue payments

Failure to make payment on or before the due date specified on an invoice may result in interest charged or additional fees applied.

Continued failure to make payment may result in cancelation of services and/or reclamation of unpaid goods.

Fair use Policy

The operation of a service agreement requires good will on both the part of the customer and Riverina Digital.  The customer undertakes to implement training of  system users, so that they can competently  operate their systems,  implement hardware upgrades as required to provide reliable and adequate equipment on which to run their systems,  implement protective practices such as backups and scans as required,  and to generally avoid  connections with  web sites and other links which are known, or  to which the are advised are a source of computer virus or hack contamination.

While Riverina Digital will provide best guidance for  safe operation of  a customers system,  outside attack by hacking,  or the download of a virus or ransomware, or other malware  is the customers risk alone.  Assistance from Riverina Digital to restore systems after such an event, may be at additional cost.

Repetitive calls for assistance which are due to  equipment inadequacy which has not been addressed by the customer,  or  misoperation due to  inadequate training  of staff or capacity  of staff to  operate their equipment,  may be invoiced as extras outside any service agreement.   


Riverina Digital offers Professional Services and products in the broad area of Information Technology.

Our services are charged on an hourly rate per Consultant, or at a quoted rate if negotiated otherwise.  Rates may vary depending on the Consultant who provides the services.

The minimum interval charged for work conducted is set at 6 minutes (1/10th hour). 

Provision of Services

Professional services may be provided at Customer’s sites, from our office, via remote access, or email or telephone support. Services may also be provided in cases where Consultants are authorised to act on behalf of our Clients with related third parties.  The applicable fee will be charged for any of these instances unless quoted otherwise.

Overtime Penalty

Riverina Digital provide 24/7/365 remote support to out Managed Services customers.

Our onsite support team hours of work are 8:30 to 6 PM on weekdays excluding public holidays.  Any work conducted outside of these hours will be charged at an overtime rate.

Travel time must be within the standard hours, otherwise it will be charged at an overtime rate.

Under normal circumstances, overtime will not be conducted without prior approval from the Client. 

Default and Consequences of Default

Riverina Digital will engage any debt recovery agency of its choice should the Customer default on any payment regardless of the contract status quo as described in the following Contractual Details.

The Customer gives Riverina Digital the right to market any debt incurred by the Customer.

The Customer agrees for Riverina Digital to add any costs of debt recovery – from the debt recovery agency, legal costs, or otherwise, to the debt of the Customer.