Securing your network: A System Administrators guide

Your network is constantly under attack. It doesn’t matter what you are hosting, or how objectively valuable your data, someone, somewhere is trying to break in. My normal approach to securing and monitoring an environment is below, an approach pulled from documented best practice and 15 years of personal experience in the industry. Documentation The…
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Don’t eat the onion

Have you ever committed to something that turned out to be just awful, but damn it, you are going to see it through anyway? It is a common problem we see businesses face when it comes to technology. Exhibit A: I don’t know this child personally, but I sure do know the sentiment expressed in…
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Turn your legacy software into cloud apps

Every business longs to be a cloud only business, and it is easy to see why. No servers, no networks, no software dependencies and the allure of complete mobility. While there are plenty of great cloud apps, there are times when you just have to keep using legacy software. What if your businesses is in…
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How far would you go to catch a scammer?

Everyone has received a scam call at some point. While some scams can be convincing, and others down right terrifying, in most cases the calls are so obviously scams that you have to wonder how they ever thought it could work. But people do fall for scams – in 2021 alone, Australians have lost over $63…
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How scammers use your good name to do bad things

Scammers be scammin, and your business is a target.

computer sales riverina digital cover image showing mobile device connecitvity

Business Development Technology Sales Role

Riverina Digital are looking to engage a sales person in a commission only role for our IT company based in Wagga while additionally servicing the Riverina and Canberra areas and branching into other parts of regional NSW and regional Victoria. Riverina Digital provides business-to-business IT consulting and support services as well as private cloud, business…
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digital marketing laptop on grass as we focus on the regional aspect of computer support

5 digital marketing trends that will impact regional businesses in 2021

1. Regional Businesses can still benefit from paid advertising, but SEO is the best long term strategy In most parts of the world, paid search is becoming increasingly competitive with cost-per-click rates in the hundreds of dollars. Luckily in regional Australia the market is far from crowded and so we can enjoy only paying a…
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cover image for 2021 business technology buying guide

2021 Business Technology Buying Guide

When buying new computers for your business it is important to understand what features are actually important and should influence your decisions in 2021. How often should I replace my business hardware? Modern hardware is fairly robust and reliable. If you buy an adequately specced device that is correctly configured at initial deployment then you…
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hal from malcolm in the middle played by bryan cranston looking shocked at how good linux is

4 amazing Linux distros for regular human beings

Linux is the open source operating system that runs most of the worlds websites, mobile devices, servers, and some of the most beautiful desktop operating systems. It is free, fun, fast and secure… and traditionally even getting Linux to run on your computer required an advanced engineering degree, or at least a month of free…
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cybercrime newspaper cutting

Cyber threats in 2021

2020 is behind us, and while Covid-19 was the biggest threat on the radar for most businesses, cybercrime had its biggest year ever, costing Australian businesses over $1 billion. Businesses are now more reliant than ever on IT and technology and while this brings new and exciting opportunities for growth and profitability, it also brings…
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