How to fix internet and landline dropouts on Telstra NBN

How to fix internet and landline dropouts on Telstra NBN

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The implementation of the NBN has used a mixed bag of technologies has resulted in a mixed bag of performance. For many businesses in regional Australia however, the NBN has been a step backwards in performance – with constant drop-outs, crawling speeds and unusable landline phones.

Traditionally businesses have used Telstra to supply their internet and phone services, and it turns out that the modem\router Telstra supplies its business customers with that is causing 90% of NBN issues.

Telstra Gateway Pro


This is the Telstra Gateway Pro, it is a rebranded Netgear v7610 device that once-upon-a-time was probably not a bad little gizmo, but Telstra’s firmware has resulted in something amazing in just how terrible it is.

Known issues for customers using the Telstra Gateway Pro include:

  • Constant internet drop outs
  • Landline phones dropping active calls and not receiving incoming calls
  • Poor internet speeds
  • Random ports opening and closing
  • VPN and other features do not work at all
  • Changing the password bricks the device

…and plenty more issues.

How do I fix these issues?

You don’t. Despite many new firmware releases by Telstra, the stability and functionality of the device remains unusable so the best course of action is to just replace the device.

For FTTN or FTTC, any VDSL2+ compatible modem should do the trick, and for Fixed Wireless, FTTP or FTTC any router at all should work, but you can check the requirements here before you purchase a new device.

For businesses that are serious about security and functionality, we actually recommended the amazing PFSense product, get in touch to find out more.

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