Next Steps

1. Site Survey

A complete survey of your current IT setup, assets, processes and procedures will be carried out and documented.

2. Analysis

Analysis of business processes and work flows. Identification of opportunities to use technology to automate tasks, improve procedures and augment business delivery.

3. Budget

Create a budget for IT support, projects and IT asset replacement over the next five years.

4. Connect

Update network connectivity devices to ensure complete coverage of your sites.
Configure routing for improved security, accessibility and reliable internet throughput.

5. Migrate

Install Riverina Digital server appliance and configure tunnel between your site and Riverina Digital data centre.
Migrate data from current storage and configure integration.
Migrate applications to web platform.

6. Development

Application development. Create and deploy customised web apps, intranet tools and mobile applications with the direct involvement of business stakeholders.

7. User Training

End user training to make the most of the bundled technologies.
Implementation of new businesses processes in line with new technologies.
Security training for staff

8. The Future

Ongoing maintenance and support provided by Riverina Digital to ensure continued smooth operation of computer systems.
Ongoing backing by your very own Virtual CIO resource.