Turn your legacy software into cloud apps

Turn your legacy software into cloud apps

Every business longs to be a cloud only business, and it is easy to see why.

No servers, no networks, no software dependencies and the allure of complete mobility.

While there are plenty of great cloud apps, there are times when you just have to keep using legacy software.

What if your businesses is in a niche where there just isn’t a cloud alternative? What if you already have the perfect software stack, it just isn’t cloud ready? What if you are mandated to use specific software due to compliance and compatibility requirements?

It is possible to have your cake and eat it too.

Here is a screenshot of Stockyard, a great program for stock and station agents that traditionally requires a server and a local network to run, available entirely within your web browser!

We can take your old business software, migrate it into our private cloud and turn it into a browser based app that can then run from anywhere on any device – even on a tablet!

You then get the benefits of the cloud, without losing the functionality of the original product.

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