Don’t eat the onion

Don’t eat the onion

Have you ever committed to something that turned out to be just awful, but damn it, you are going to see it through anyway? It is a common problem we see businesses face when it comes to technology.

Exhibit A:


I don’t know this child personally, but I sure do know the sentiment expressed in this gif!

Often a product or service isn’t what it was expected to be. but the direction has been set regardless of the consequences it brings to productivity, profitability and overall experience..

This isn’t just for new projects either

Many businesses continue to suffer bad technology just because they are focused on the already invested time, money, effort and suffering it took just to get this far.

Sunk cost fallacy aside, sticking with a known set of problems rather than risking exposure to unknown issues is a good reason not to make rushed decisions when adopting technology, but it is not a good reason to make no decision.

Every business should have a technology roadmap – after all, technology should make business better. 

It is hard to remember what a delicious apple tastes like when you are three bites into a raw onion –  but that doesn’t mean you have to keep eating the onion. 

Let’s talk tech

Some bonus content to extend the metaphor…


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