2021 Business Technology Buying Guide

2021 Business Technology Buying Guide

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When buying new computers for your business it is important to understand what features are actually important and should influence your decisions in 2021.

How often should I replace my business hardware?

Modern hardware is fairly robust and reliable. If you buy an adequately specced device that is correctly configured at initial deployment then you should expect to get:

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3 to 5 years depending on physical conditions. Laptops batteries tend to lose the ability to hold charge, but can be easily replaced. Laptops used in conditions with excessive dust or moisture should be cleaned regularly including vacuuming the fan inlets.

Ultra Mobile devices do not last as long as general purpose business laptops due to build quality.

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5 years. Large form factor desktops should be able to last 5 years. Fans are the most likely parts to fail, and can be replaced very easily and cheaply. Power supplies are the second most likely component to fail and can again be replaced with little issue. A desktop can also be upgraded with additional RAM, storage and other components, extending the l